Wednesday, December 16, 2009

FINISHING STRONG : Ending the year on high!

A saying goes that it's not how you started that matters but how you end that counts.  It goes in line with one of my favourite sayings that "it's not what you know that matters but what you do with what you know that counts".  Many people start something, only champions (and they are few) finish".   You've got to have the staying on power.  You have to finish strong despite the present circumstances surrounding you right've just gotta stay focussed on your dreams,goals and visions for your life and stay strong!.

Finishing strong entails picking up yourself as you journey on the road to success, you cannot afford to fail on this adventure!  It's true at the start of the journey all you saw is the beautiful picture of yourself achieving those things, nobody told you that the road won't be easy, you just can't give up've come too far from where you've started will succeed...but you won't if you quit!  Finishing strong is having the mentality that despite what has happened in the past, you are determined to get it right ultimately, you are determined and have your mind made up that you must finish well!.

What are those things you started this year and stopped half way?  It's time you pick up your books, dust your clothes, roll up your sleeves and let's go to your future! I believe in your dream!  The key to success is this : ACT, ACT and ACT!  No other singular factor is more important than that!  All your academic qualifications and what you know does not matter until you act!  You've got to finish strong forget all the past mistakes and get going, Paul  said something, he said "this one thing I do, putting behind the pass, looking up ahead and pressing towards the price of the high calling on God".

Be persistent! Whatever you start, stay at it God will bless your hand, even your failure will work for you!  Remember, all things work together for good!  Finishing strong is what quarantees the prize not starting strong, finishing strong is the main thing!  Finishing strong means continuous commitment to learning!  Commit yourself to reading and thinking!  Be an upgraded you!  Even Microsoft upgrades their systems everyday! I mean everyday in other to remain relevant!  It entails you buying and reading quality books,listening to motivational/inspirational tapes, attending seminars, moving with vision and purpose-driven people! Learn everyday!

I'll definately see you are the top.  You can make it through the storm!  Stay Connected!

Recommended Reading :  Being the Best You (John Obuku)

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