Friday, December 18, 2009


The beauty of the planet Earth, the awesomeness and vastness of Space lives us with nothing short of awe of it's creation.  Definately the creator did something special on everything we see in and around us.   Surely, just as the house,boat and telephone has a maker, so also does this our Universe!  I believe that to achieve anything of significant impact on Earth requires a connection to a higher power!  The Ultimate power and creator of the Universe is God, Jehovah!  I wanna ask, are you holding on to Him?

No matter the outstanding visions, dreams and goals you have for yourself you need a power that is stronger,higher and wiser than you go achieve themYou cannot relegate God to the back ground!  Yeah...throughout these series on Inspiring Moments  we have come across some principles and universal laws of the universe.  May I submit to you here that those laws are established by God!  Just like laws of our country Nigeria is formulated,drafted and enacted by the Senate, so also, these universal laws that makes the universe to work were established by God!  So, He cannot be relegated to the background by all these New Age teachings that says by focussing your mind on something long enough you will achieve it.  You need God to succeed!

God is the higher power by which we can succeed and have good success.  Now, we really have to get it settled in our hearts that real success is not just based on how much material wealth one has but how one ultimately ends.  Yeah...your ending matters alot and without God, the end looks very bleak for man.  History is replete with examples of people that made all the wealth but finally end up as wrecks, broke and die nasty deaths...why?...the God-factor was missing!

So I charge you today and challenge you today...what are you holding on to?...What is the centre of your life?  Rick Warren  sums it up appropriately in his book, The Purpose Driven Life by saying our lives need to be built around a centre that is unbreakable when all circumstances of life around us fails.  God is that centre.  I encourage you to establish as relationship with Him's a touchy issue but well, folks, am here to inspire you and also to tell you the matter how blunt it may be! I love y'all.

Stay Connected and P-E-A-C-E!

Recommended Reading: The Purpose Driven Life (Rick Warren), The Attributes of God ,vol.1 & 2 (A.W. Tozer)

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