Friday, December 14, 2012

THE LAW OF AVERAGES: Pursuing success amidst failures

There is a law of averages and it states that "in other to have a good number of successes, you have to experience a good number of failures", if for instance, you can score 3 goals out of 10 shots on target, then to score 6 goals, you have to hit 20 shots on target. In relation to success, for you to succeed more, you have to double your rate of failure. Many people want to be sucessful, but what is keeping them for their desired success is "the fear" of failure and not "the failure" in itself. I have come to know experientially that you only succeed in as many times that you're willing to fail, it's not that you really go in there to fail but the attitude of mind is that "no matter what, am going to work it out until I succeed". Many great inventions in history have similar stories of unwavering faith in their belief for their efforts to succeed that amidst seemingly impossible situations, they moved ahead with their plans, and ultimately recorded great successes. Your success in life hinges on your ability to move ahead despite the obstacles before you. Your success in life hinges greatly on your ability to look past your failures and see the light at the end of the tunnel and realise that you can and will succeed only if your hang on. Your dreams are too real to let go, those dreams that won't go away was placed there by God. You will succeed if only you will not fear failure but go ahead, if you fail or fall, get up, dust yourself and try and again, and again and again, till you succeed. You see, the universe will give to you anything will want if you are forceful,determined and work hard enough to bring it to past. I want to encourage you today to start all over again and give that your dream another shot, you will be surprised that you'll make it, that impossible door may just need one last blow to crack it and send it crumbling down, so do not quit. You will succeed! Go ahead and believe in yourself and trust God to do it for you. Write that professional exam, take that interview,enroll for that course, you are guaranteed to succeed! Take charge! Recommend Reading: Failing Forward ( John .C. Maxwell),Acres of Diamond ( Russell Conwell)

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