Friday, November 14, 2014


Hello friends, It's been quiet a while,and like I always say, welcome to another time of "Inspiring Moments" with John Obuku on the net! Ha ha ha! It's good to be back again. Today, we will be talking about the all important issue of "making,managing and multiplying money". It is so so crucial that one gets the issue of money sorted out so one can live a healthy,happy and fulfilled life. When it comes to the issue of having multiple streams on income, everyone seems to be interested and I know that's one of the main reasons you're reading this post right want to be financially free and get this issue of "no cash" sorted out once and for all. Notice what I said earlier on, the important issue about money is this: you have to learn 'how to make' money, then you have to learn 'how to manage money' and lastly you have to be knowledgeable on 'how to multiply' money. So, it's not just enough to know how to earn the money but the management and multiplication of money is even the money vital. It is the issue of your mindset about wealth about riches. Becoming a millionaire or billionaire is really a thing of the mindset one is operating with, please, don't be in so much a hurry while reading this posts; you might be saying, "come on John, give us the simple steps to having multiple streams of income", and I will say " hold on guys, let's take this very easy". The question is this,do you have the millionaires' mindset? The summary of it is that you have to develop skills that would enable you to be able to make (earn) money, manage the money and multiply the money. These my friends are the principles we have to look at in these sit back,brace yourself for a wonderful and "money-full" ride, Lol. Take Charge! Recommended Reading: Start With What You Have(Sam Adeyemi),Increasing Your financial IQ(Robert Kiyosaki)

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