Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The most important things that keeps one going and gives meaning to life are the lofty dreams in your heart. Nothing really excites you and gives you motivation and zest for living as a worthy goal that your heart is set on achieving. The question now is, do you have dreams that you've abandoned? Dreams that were once very strong in your heart but due to the vissicitudes of life you've abandoned them? I want to encourage you to look deep within and see if there are such in your life. The most tragic thing that can happen to a man is to find out later in life that he would have been successful in acheiving anything he desired had he taken the courage to pursue them. We have nowadays, old men who are bitter about their youthful age and look back at what would have been had they pursue their dreams, do you want to grow old and look back and regret that you never pursued those things that would really have given you joy and fulfillment? What are the excuses you're using today to put off those dreams? At first, we complain about not having enough time: we are too busy with our studies when we were in secondary school and too young, we are too busy with our advanced studies as undergraduates in univestities and polytechnics, we are busy serving our father land during the National Youth Service, we then get into the big-pay job and find out we still don't have enough time because we just have to deliver on the job, we then find our sweetheart and get married, raise kids and all the committments and responsibilities that goes with it! All these while still stuck with the same old excuse of "no time". Eventually, we now find that we are above 40 and approaching our 50's and we look back at what would have been. There are bitter old men who look back at their past youthful age and look and are sad that they failed to pursue and live their dreams! Don't allow that to happen to you! My brotherly advice is summarized like this :- 1) Pick up your dreams books, and dust it properly 2) Get inspired again by going through them and setting new,bigger and higher goals; because the more loftier your goal, the more it inspires you. 3) Trust God to give you the strength to go after it resolutely, like Winston Churchill said 'Never,never,never give up'. 4) Do something daily to that takes you towards your dreams. If you want to be a writer, write at least a page a day;if you're a singer/composer/instrumentalist practice everday! I want to state here without any doubt in my heart that I believe in your dreams! You will succeed! God is on your side! Take charge! Recommended Reading: The Leadership Secrets of Jesus( Mike Murdock), Goals ( Brian Tracy)

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