Wednesday, December 5, 2012


Life, like most of us would have found out now, is very very challenging, especially as an adult. The care-free attitude of childhood and adolescent is past and now we are faced with the reality of adulthood that "responsibility" is a vital aspect of life. You are responsible for getting gainfully employed,staying employed, managing your relationship with people and meeting up with your obligations to your family and loved ones. You truly cannot shift the buck here, you have to take up the task of doing certain things because now, the baton has been passed to you from your parents. Most of us now in adulthood realised that we have more pressing needs towards "others" than our personal wants or needs. You'll find out that you have to deny yourself somethings if you truly want to be responsible to others. And if you truly and really want to be a responsible adult, you've got to really be selfless and ready to sacrifice your personal agenda for those of others to whom you're responsible. You remember those days when you used to depend on one uncle to give you more for your textbooks,school lecture hand-outs and project moneys? Hmm? I bet you do. Now that you're an adult how well are you faring in meeting up with your own 'obligations' to your siblings? Suddenly, you realise that you're now the uncle your little nieces and nephews look up to for "settlement". And I tell you, adulthood, and "uncle-hood and aunty-hood" do come very unexpectedly. Yeah, you suddenly found yourself working in a bank or one of the thriving finance institutions and people now look at you as "the guy hold cash" or "him don hammer", but you know that you're just trying to make way for yourself. I know this sounds familiar. Here are a few brotherly advice I have: 1) Keep it real, don't try to impress anybody, be original and don't live larger than what you're really worth. You're not competing with anybody. 2) Try and give the much you can. Be truthful and underpromise but overdeliver. 3) Be generous, treat the person the way you would want to be treated knowing how much you have? Now that you're in that "uncle/aunty-shoe", how much would you give your sibling from the amount of cash in your bank account? Be truthful and be generous. 4) Pray to God to increase your resources so that you can give more in future. You're blessed. Recommended Reading: The Leadership Secrets of Jesus ( Mike Murdock)

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