Tuesday, October 30, 2012


In life, there are always defining moments, and yours comes when you decide that you're fed-up of your present circumstances and you want something different: When you decide to take a stand for what you believe and what you really want in your life! No great achievement in life will come through any other route. You just have to come to the point when you say, enough is enough and you want something different and you want to get what you have been dreaming about for some many years. You see,friends, it doesn't matter how lofty your dreams are, if you fail to get to that position when you take a resolute,confident and stubborn stand for what you really want, nothing real would happen. What are those dreams that you've been keeping in the "pipeline" for years? What are those visions,projects that are have been and still burning in your heart, that you would really love to establish and accomplish? I want to announce to you that they are REAL, you're dreams are TRUE. The question really is, do you have the courage to establish them? What price are you willing to pay to see them come to pass? No matter how big your dreams are, God is bigger than them! No matter how crazy and seemingly impossible they appear, God can surpass them! No matter how long it's been on your mind, God can bring it to pass with just one phone call! No matter how cashless,helpless and hopeless it seems, God is there to fulfill it! Just believe! Just believe in Him, the only thing He really requires from you is your believe that He can do ALL things for you and fulfill all your dreams and give you the desired future of your dreams! You will make it! You'll not fail! Recommended Reading: You Can Will ( Shev Khiera), Inspiring Moments (John Obuku)

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