Tuesday, October 9, 2012

THE FUTURE IS NOW! : Re-defining reality

Most of the time when we talk about the future, we tend to think of it as some very far period in our lives, but I've come come to realise that the future arrives in seconds...surprised? I know it sounds a liitle too simple but it is true. The future you're talking about is gradually,slowly but surely appearing second by second. And every time we procrastinate, we are literally sabotaging our desired future aspirations because the secret of your future lies in what you do daily. So I as this question? What are you doing daily that is leading to the "better you" of tomorrow? What are your habitual activities,routines and pass-times that is in congruence with where you are headed? Where are you heading in life? If I should wake you up, 4.00 am in the morning and ask you this question : "what is your goal for your life?", what will be your response? Friends, we need to come to the point where we take an inward analysis and ask ourselves some very very serious questions, i call them life-defining questions. Some life defining quesitons I think worth asking are: 1) What is my major definate purpose in life? What is that thing that I'm out to acheive on this planet earth? 2) What have I done today that is leading me on the path to acheiving my major definate purpose in life? 3) Since, the beginning of this year till now what have a acheived in my spiritual,financial,marital and professional life? 4) Before the year ends, what am I out to achieve? 5) If today where my last day, what would you do? Who would you show more love to, make peace with,evangelise to,care about? Decide that hence forth, you'll make everyday count. live life consciously not just some haphazard "any-where-belle-face" kind of life style people are so easily swept into. You can become your dream! Take Charge! Recommended Reading: You Can Become Your Dream ( Clement Uko), Best The Best (Joel Olseen),Live Your Dreams (Les Brown)

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