Tuesday, October 9, 2012

GET YOUR PRAISE ON -Winning the battles of life through praise

It's a lovely day,democracy day here in Nigeria, God bless Nigeria. It's a time where Nigerians celebrate their hard earned democracy. God bless Nigeria. So, it's also a time to share a very special secret that I've discovered as a very powerful tool for overcoming the storms of life. Life can be very tough atimes you know, it's all part of the divine agenda that we go through the mess before the message, that we go through trials before the triumph, that you get through the test before the testimony, (that probably sounded like music to you but to me it's more real than I could really explain), so dear friends, what is this secret that I've found? It's the power of Praising God Through Your Problems! You see nothing beats the above statement! Nothing. Trust me friends, if you've prayed and it doesn't seem to work, common get your praise on! Praise never fails, because you can never praise amiss even though you can pray amiss! Why? because praise is giving to God for whom He is, what He's done and what He's gonna do in your life. Common people,let's try this key of the Kingdom, GET YOUR PRAISE ON! He is worthy! Recommended Reading: The Power of Praise & Worship ( Myles Munroe), The Worship Handbook ( Rick Muchow)

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