Thursday, October 21, 2010

THE REAL YOU: Re-discovering who you really are!

Hello friends, it's always my pleasure to come online and post on this very inspiring forum and share my thoughts of certain issues I find interesting and hope would also interest you. I wanna say thanks to y'all that have been sending your texts,comments and phone calls on how you've been blessed. I do not take them lightly! Thanks for believing in my dream! I am so so grateful!

Yeah!...everyday I see possibilities and the birthing of something great which would soon hit the market with such force that people won't know what hit them! Just watch out and stay on this blog with me. It promises to be a life-changing affair! In these series on "Inspiring Moments with John Obuku", I'll like to go a little spiritual on certain issues, because I've found that throughout history, the truly great men have a strong spiritual centre to which they draw strenght and inspirations.

My strength comes from Jehovah!, sorry to damage your theology or belief system, but hey...listen,listen, you cannot achieve long lasting success that transcends generation without having God on your side! Lets take a roll call on the anals of history, the world greats and legends almost everyone quotes in motivational circles have a very very strong link with God! Dale Carnegie, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein,Wright Brothers,Bill Gates,Jim Rohn,Les Brown,Myles Munroe,Sam Adeyemi,Bishop David Oyedepo,Bishop T.D. Jakes,Pastor Paul Adefarasin etc and the list go on...they all have God as the centre of their lives and strength.

The real you is captured in this very simple statement that many take for granted,you might even miss it when I mention very soon, and here is it: "you are a child of God!",that's it...does it make any meaning to you? I really hope it does... because buried in that simple statement is the whole essence of your life as a human being and it can actually propel you to the next level you are looking for!

We'll talk more on this in the next series on this particular topic.


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