Monday, October 25, 2010

THE REAL YOU: The King,Kingdom and His Royal Family!

Hello friends, I love it whenever we come here on "Inspiring Moments" and share some of our thoughts,its always fun! Please keep on sending your texts,calls,comments and contributions;they are invaluable to making this blog the most inspiring forum on the internet!

I want to tell you a story about! The real you is actually a person from a Royal Family, this royal family rules the entire universe! I've finally come to realise the whole essense of life!...please stay with me...I know some on you'll be saying "John don come again!" but please be patient and stay with us on these series of the real you because,after we are through am so sure,you're gonna be very very happy you are alive and part of a big big plan by the King Himself!

The King is God, His Kingdom is heaven and mankind is His Royal Family! So you are actually a Prince and don't even know it, you're a Princess and you're not even living it! That's why seeking wealth should not be your primary pursuit in life! Seek His kingdom and all other things will be added to you! That's a quaranteed statement by the King Himself!

Wow! I really don't wanna rush this topic but believe me on this topic, I know what am talking about sir! You are royalty, a holy nation, you're a son & daughter of the King, and like in all royalties, the issue of wealth is not discussed or rather is a natural part of being a royalty, that's why you cannot afford to be poor! There are assets, houses,cars,companies and great corporation written in your name! They are yours, all things are yours ONLY if you can see them and actually change your thinking (Repent) and begin thinking like God wants you to!

This is very heavy...go over this again...I'll talk with you tomorow! Love y'all my brothers and sisters,fellow kingdom citizens!


Recommended Reading/listening: Kingdom Principles,Re-discovering the Kingdom,The Most Important Person On Earth (Myles Munroe), What Did Jesus Preach? (John Obuku)

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