Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Hello friends, hope you've really been blessed and being blessed every time we meet here on "Inspiring Moments", I have to confess that these series have really really changed my life for the better;everyday I see possibilities for a brighter tomorrow! This should be your outlook on life!

Yeah,today we are going to talk about something very very vital, something that actually determines how things turn out in your life. Today's topic is really the main determinant of your success in life! Hmmm...just hang on with me there...you may be saying, "Now John! You've really gone too far now!", but hold on friends, let me land. Your mind set determines who you are, what you do,how you dress, the friends you keep and where you are ultimately heading towards!

Honestly, I wish I could pick up a micro-phone and stand on the highest stage available to tell you and whoever cares to listen that " your mind set ultimately determines how you're gonna spend the rest of your life-whether in riches,joy,peace of mind,living your dreams or in penury,misery,heartbreak and not-living your dreams!".

According to America's most sought-after motivational speaker, Les Brown," you have to be hungry for success to be successful", he goes on to say that "what you feed your mind with everyday, every single, goes a long way to determine how successful you would eventually turn out to be in life". We'll talk more on this in the next blog!

But keep this is mind, the Good Book, the constitution of our Kingdom Country says, "as a man thinketh so is he". Henry Ford said "if you think you can, you are correct;if you think you can't then you are correct!". Keep winning the good life!

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