Monday, October 18, 2010


Hello friends, welcome to another time on "Inspiring Moments" and I pray on this particular discussion you would be really blessed and find a new reason to get out of bed every morning for the rest of your life.

I believe the reason people think and feel that life is boring is because of the lack of a sense of purpose- the lack of a reason for being,no drive and exciting things happening in their lives. So how can one become self-motivated and start the purpose-driven life? Hmmm...these are some of the things I would like to share in this blog post.

The issue of purpose is very vital to living an exceptional life, one has to get it straight and really have a clear picture and sense of direction on how he or she live everyday life. Purpose is the reason for being, the intent of the manufacturer that made him to produce the product. The discovery of your God-given purpose is the greatest thing that would ever happen to you,after salvation of your soul!

To lead an exceptional life, you've gotta have drive! What are the things that excites you? What are those things that gives you joy that you love doing? And is your daily life and work built around them? really lead an exceptional life,your job have to be exciting to you!

Are you motivated enough? Do you have reason to wake up 3.00 am every morning to read,sing or write? I believe the reason why people leave the bed late is because they are not motivated enough, they don't have a goal they are passionately pursuing,don't have a burning passion to make any significant influence in their world! Find something that motivates you and getting up early won't be a challenge anymore.

Finally, to live a purpose-driven life, you need to go for knowledge! You need to be an addicted learner! You need to be an addicted reader! Go for rich knowledge! You surpass your peers if you are a serious student of the university of life that is knowledge-driven. Your personal library tells alot about who you are, so what collections of books do you have there?


Recommended Reading: The Purpose-Driven Life (Rick Warren_

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