Saturday, June 24, 2017


Everyone wants to be great but how many are willing to pay the price of greatness? For any thing that you want to achieve in life you need Desire,Determination, Destination,Decision and overcome Distractions. I call them "the 5 D's" of achieving greatness. The first and foremost requirement of greatness is the you muat have a burning desire. You don't have a burning desire if you sleep from 10 pm to 6 am! You don't have a burning desire if you don't continuously think about your goals ans ways of achieving them. Your burning desire for something should keep you awake late into the night and be able to wake you early. All great men rise up early. You have to be totally determined in your mind and spirit that you will achieve greatness. Success should be your only option. Don't give any thought of failure; your attitude should be- I will succeed and be great or I will succeed and be great. Let your mind have the win-win attitude. Remember the law of attraction which states "you constantly attract to your life your most dominant thoughts,thoughts become things! So think of ONLY success and greatness. You have to have clear sense of direction; where are you headed in life? What are your goals? Can you show me on demand the book where you have clearly spelt out your life goals? The devil can only kill a man without goals! Why? Because that man is not motivated to do anything, he lives his life without care and caution, he sleeps and wakes up like a wild animal: so sense of direction, just waiting for the next meal. Get goals,clarify your life and get greatness. The single most important factor for greatness is decision! You decided to take your precious time to read this article, you could have decided something else. You life changes the moment you decide to take a decision. Humans are known to be the only beings to change their lives by a change in mental attitude. Make the decision to be great and you will achieve it. Make great decisions, make great plans and Act on them. You cannot fail! Avoid distractions on the road to success. The reason men fail is broken focus- Mike Murdock. You must face distractions on the road to success,so make up your mind tk overcome everyone of them. Stay focus on your goals of greatness,stay focus of the plans you have mapped out as strategies for achieving your greatness and the world would open its doors to you. Even angels cannot refuse a determined and focussed soul. I see you succeed. I see you achieve greatness and I see you at the top. Recommended Reading: The Principles and Power of Vision (Myles Munroe),Goals (Brian Tracy), and Becoming A Leader (Myles Munroe)

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