Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Hello friends,it's such a pleasure to always come around and share my thoughts on this most exciting blog, and am so glad you're there to read and comment on my posts! Thank you so much, you are highly appreciated.

Some guys pride in the fact that they have faith, and when circumstances that seems to tests their faith comes up, they sing a different song. I have come to know that true faith remains the same irrespective of the circumstances surrounding it! True faith remains calm irrespective of the raging storm! Why? Because it is anchored on the hands of Him that created and controls the storm! You see, untested faith never really amounts to much, because it can only confess but cannot really stand the test!

Your true is faith is known and exposed by how well you're able to weather the storm and remain unfazed by the tempest blowing you right,left and centre because the pillar of your life is in Jehovah! You have to walk the walk and talk the talk when life challenges seems to take hold of you! Know this: God is bigger than all your problems! He cannot and will not forsake you!

Remember this, the just shall live by faith, not by the security of the money in the bank account or on the things that surrounds them. It's in Him we live and move and have our being! You cannot fail if you put your trust in Him who cannot fail! Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: Re-discovering Faith (Myles Munroe)

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