Friday, November 19, 2010

THE SECRETS TO SUCCESS: Why some are successful and why others are not!

Hello friends it's always a pleasure to hear from you guys I really do enjoy posting on this blog and thanks for your comments and contributions! It's a lovely day and we're goona really enjoy ourselves this time, infact, everyday is a good day!

The last statement above should be our lifestyle! You should have a strong positive outlook to life! That I've come to discover is the secret to success! Success really starts from the mind! I've been doing lots of reading lately and all the books, I mean every single one of them, usually start with a statement like this: "you've got to change your thinking in other to change your life!", " your thoughts create your reality", I mean every single one of them usually say this! I think that is very profound.

Throughout history, all great leaders,philosophers and scientists have always agreed on this singular subject of the power of our thoughts on the outcomes we produce in our lives! In other words, thoughts becomes things! What you focus on grows and eventually materializes in your life! whether good or bad! This may sound shocking but it's the absolute truth! What you focus on most of the time would eventually come to pass in your life! It's only a matter of time, where it be positive or negative!

So really, the secret to success is in this little statement : you become what you think about most of the time! I repeat again for emphasis, "your thoughts becomes things!". So, I enjoin you to do this henceforth, change your thinking pattern for the better, have a positive outlook on life. One of the great life coaches we have around today, Art Williams, said "life would give you what you demand of it!" You would get what you deserve not just what you wish! Hmmm... I think that is very powerful! Please ponder on this statement, and I'll see you in the next post! Enjoy!


Recommended Reading: The Law of Attraction (Moni Arora,The Strangest Secret in the World (Earl Nightingale)

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