Friday, November 5, 2010

10 VALUES OF A TRUE NIGERIAN: Rebirth of a New Nigeria (Part 2)

Hi there, it's good to be back on these series on "Inspiring Moments with John Obuku", I really hope that these series have been a source of blessing to you and your family for the past few months, it has surely been for me. Please keep on sending in your calls,texts messages and contributions, they are all invaluable to the progress of this blog. Thanks once more.

Below are the remaining half of the 10 values of a true Nigerian, given by Fela Durotoye, please enjoy!:
6) Value Time.
Time is life,money and the currency of the world. Everything in the world gravitates towards the use of time. If you don't value my time, you won't value my wisdom.

7) Care And Show Respect.
Respect is reciprocal, what you give out, the same measure you'll be given again. Let there be mutual respect for both the young and old, one day you'll needing either of them!

8) Consciously Build a Great Legacy.
Live life with the conscious act of making a great impact to your direct sphere of influence. Be a positive change agent. What would you be known for? What are you known for? What is your legacy for your children,community and country?

9) Live A Life of Integrity And Honour.
Your yes should be yes, even if it means displeasing yourself to honour others, do it! It gives you honour and high esteem amongst your peers and those connected to you.

10) Make Your Family, Your Nation and Your Continent and Your God Proud.
Your life should be lived in such a way that it brings glory to your family,nation,continent and God. These groups should look at you and say "yes this is our son, in whom we are well please!".

Wow! That was some mind-blowing stuff over there, please go through the whole ten again, and endeavour you build your life on these principles and truly our Nation Nigeria would turn out to be " the most desirable nation to live in by the year 2025", God bless y'all.

Take Charge!

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