Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Hello friends, I want us to continue on the episode of "The Wealth-Building Plan", so this topic the millionaire formular is actually about those wealth-building schemes and methods I've been able to uncover through research and study.

I'll try as much as possible to share all I've found and hopefully we all will be co-implementors and we willl well be on our way to building durable wealth for ourselves and our families! You've got to get is absolutely resolved in your heart right now that you are going to sit down,roll-up your selves and get down to some real hard work, for you to be financially free and wealthy.

The Millionaire Formular is one that states that for you to get rich, you have to break the Parkinson's Law- Expenses Always Rises Up to meet Income. Haven't you notices that the more money you make the more your so-called "responsibilities"? Hmmm...it is because of this Parkinson's Law.

People tend to engage in more expenses as soon as they attain a new level of income. This is what keeps most of us bound and trapped in financial quagmire, it's called impulse buying and financial indiscipline. For you to be rich and build wealth, impulse buying is something you should guard against!

The Millionaire Formular states that there are four(4) steps to take for breaking the Parkinson's Law and thus breaking into the realm of riches and wealth. They are :
1) 10% of your income should go to Tithe or Charity.
2) 30% of your income should go to Living Expenses.
3) 30% of your income should go to Fun & Adventure.
4) 30% of your income should go to Savings & Investments.

I'll expantiate on these in the next blog! See you at the top!

Recommended Reading: If You Want To Be Rich You've Gotta Break The Law (Ron Hensley)

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