Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME: The unavoidable path to financial freedom

Hello friends, I'd like to talk about Multiple streams of income in this post. The issue of money is one that the whole world is involved in everyday. Infact, you'r not truly successful untill you have some level of financial freedom, and I'v come to discover that financial freedom, real financial freedom comes from having several channels through which money comes into your life!

If you truly want to be financially free,then,developing and operating multiple income streams is something that is not an option for you. You just have to settle it that you're gonna succeed irrespective of the obtables before you or the challenges you have to overcome! I say this again for exphasisn,If you really want to be financially free, develop and operate on multiple streams of income!

Financial experts have said an individual has to have at least four income streams that feeds their lives! Check out all the wealthy people you can find, they all have more than one source of income! You can't get rich with your salaried work. You can't get rich by working for somebody else all your life! You only get rich by operating your own business! While you maintain your salary job, seek for a line of business in which you are interested in and follow it,develop it, invest money and your off-work time to it.

You should actually develop income streams according to your giftings,talents and interests! There are several ideas on how to build multiple streams of income to gain financial freedom, especially in this age of information overload, you don't have an excuse to be poor! There's a talent in you that needs developing! There is something about you that you can commercialize and establish and breakthrough with! Find your giftings and find your sources of income!

We will continue on this pertinent and over-relevant issue in this our modern times! You are too strong to loose!

Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: Multiple Streams of Income (Robert G. Allen),Ideas Rule the World (Sam Adeyemi),Maximizing Your Potential (Myles Munroe), The Richest Man in Babylon for the 21st Century.

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