Thursday, July 15, 2010

FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION: Getting your priorities right

Hello there, you are welcome to another time of "Inspiring Moments" with John Obuku. It's been quiet a while and goosh! what a big break! Am really glad to be back.

Over the past few months I have been going through certain things and have come to learn some very valuable life lessons...see friends, it's not just about talking the talk but it's really about walking the walk. In life you've got to match your actions with your words because it's your actions that actually determines who you really are.

Have you ever been in situations when it seems as if all you've planned for seem not to be coming to pass? When it actually seems as if you are between the devil and the deep blue sea? Those dark moments when you actually question your dreams and aspirations and ask if they are realistic and possible to happen in your life? Does that sounds familiar...hmmm...friends, you are not alone. Here's the good news...failure is not an option!

For the fact that you've envisioned yourself succeeding in proof that He who has shown you the picture of your future is more than able to fulfill it. He would not show you what He cannot bring to pass in your life. Those dreams are possible that's why He planted them into your heart. The real challenge here is that "do you believe you can still acheive those lofty goals despite the present circumstances surrounding you?".

I believe in order to succeed, an individual have to get his/her priorities right! You have to exclusively believe that what you've dreamt of is what you are going to get! It's called persistence,faith,burning desire, undying have to clearly settle it in your heart that success is the only option you have. You were sent here on earth for something significant...reach for it...believe it...act towards it... get connected to the giver of your dreams and you can't fail...

See you at the very top! Take Charge!

Recommended Reading: It's Not Over Till It's Over (Matthew Ashimolowo)

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