Monday, August 31, 2009


Have come to know that the fundamental point in a man's life is : the point where he discovers a reason to life for...when he finds purpose... the issue of purpose is very very vital to a man's life. Everything in this world has a purpose...the pen has its purpose-for writing, the pot has its purpose-for cooking... the car has its purpose-for moving around. What is your purpose?

As funny and as simple this question is one of the fundamental questions you will ever provide an answer to in this earth is you are every going to be a person of significant influence and impact. I hav come to discover that in life and down history lane, people that have make significant marks in their lives are those that have discover themselves...those that found a purpose to life for...I ask again, "what is your purpose?"

Purpose according to Dr Myles Munroe is "the original intent of a thing, the reason why a thing is formed,the destination that prompts the journey,the desired results taht creates the results, the need that makes the manufacturer produce a specific product,the aspiration for the inspiration,the expectation of the source,the object one wills or resolves to have''.

"Purpose is the original intent in the mind of the creator that motivated Him to create a particular item"...Myles Munroe. All things begin and end with purpose. God created all things for a definate purpose and He has establised that purpose is the Ultimate defination of Success. So I ask you for the third time, "what is your purpose?" dont' be disturbed if you don't have a ready made answer to that...let me give you some keys to discover your purpose...they may sound simple but be very sure they form part of many vital signposts to why and what you really are all about, check this out:

1) What do you love to do? Even if money is not involved. what would you love to do apart from you job? Some of us work because we don't have a choice and because we just have to pay our bills and settle family and friends...but do you really love your job? If you have all the money in the world , would you still be doing that your job?

2) What is that thing that really aggravates you? What are those things in your religious setting,social setting,economic setting and global setting that you desire to change? What is that thing that causes you to be agree and what to correct it immediately? These may stand as a key to your purpose. Mike Murdock said " what aggravates you the most is a key to your assignment". Discover this and you are on your way to finding your purpose.

3) What is that thing that is your passion? What are you passionate about? Passion is a feeling that is stronger than death, its an overwhelming force that causes a great drawing to fulfill a particular course. Passion wakes you up in the morning, it makes you go to bed late at night. Passion gives you hope that everything is alrite even when you're in the desert... What are you passionate about?....I just wonder...

I'll continue this post tomorow... and since this is my first post, I want to thank you for visiting...thanks...join me on this blog as we follow the roadmap to success together...remember two can play, two are better than one...TAKE CHARGE!

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